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liju 6 posts Joined 11/05
13 Jan 2006
Session modes in Teradata

Hi,Can someone let me know the difference between Teradata Session mode and ANSI Session mode..What kind of impact does each mode have? Would like to specifically know about any issues with table creation..

DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
17 Jan 2006

Hi Liju,There are two main areas of differences between Teradata and ANSI session modes.The first (and arguably the most important) is to do with transaction control. This affects when a transaction starts, when it ends and what gets rolled back in the event of failure.The second area is to do with defaults, some of which affect creating tables.In a Teradata system, a table can be either MULTISET or SET. A MULTISET table (assuming no unque indexes are defined on it) allows duplicate rows to be stored in the table. A SET table (even if there are no unique indexes defined on it) will NOT allow duplicate rows to be stored. For a SET table, the DBMS will ensure that there are no duplicate rows. If the table is created when running in an ANSI session, the default table type is MULTISET, if created in Teradata mode the default is SET.Does that help ?Cheers,Dave

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XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
18 Jan 2006

HiHere are the main differences: TERADATA MODE / ANSI MODE=========================================================================================== Comparison are NOT CASE Specific / Comparison ARE CASE SpecificALLOWS Tuncation of Display data / NO Tuncation of Display dataCREATE TABLE default to SET tables / CREATE TABLE default to MULTISET tablesEach Transaction is IMPLICIT automatically / Each Transaction is EXPLICIT automaticallyBTET (Begin and End Transaction) / BTEQ (no Begin and End Transaction necess.)I trust this helpsDivvy


liju 6 posts Joined 11/05
20 Jan 2006

Thanks a lot!! The information was very useful.

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