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seanc 7 posts Joined 09/13
08 Jan 2014
Select for stored procedures for parameters and return types

As a beginner to Teradata I am trying to pull down all sorts of metadata for our application. I am not having a problem with getting the proper Select to access all stored procedures of a data base, but my problem just lies in finding the parameters and returns types.
Than for each parameter, I was curious if there is some select to get access to the following.

  • For each parameter get:
    • name
    • type
    • data length
    • hasDefault
    • direction
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Jan 2014

You need dbc.ColumnsV:

SELECT  * FROM dbc.columnsv 
   SELECT DatabaseName, TABLENAME 
   FROM dbc.TablesV 
   WHERE TableKind = 'P')



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