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11 Feb 2016
Select Columns for UPI,NUPI,USI and NUSI

Hello All,
Can someone explain on what basis we select indexes for the columns in the field.
Following is my understand:
UPI -> When we have Unique value, which is evenly distributed to all the AMPS. (The column selected for UPI looks like a field Eligible for USI as well. Then how to decide?)
NUPI -> Distributes the columns depending on the key on which it is defined.(This column has repeated values and seems to be eligible for NUSI. Then how to decide?)
Thank You.

rupert160 131 posts Joined 09/10
13 Feb 2016

There is an elaborate explanation in the Database Design document for your database version:
is for V15.10

13 Feb 2016

Thanks For replying rupert. I went throught the document gave me a better understanding on the selection criteria.

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