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ak_tdata 2 posts Joined 06/06
09 Jun 2006
Secondary Index usage

Is there a way to see how many times or at what times a secondary index was used?

DGiabbai 47 posts Joined 07/04
11 Jun 2006

The "explain" feature gives the execution path of a query, telling you which indexes are used and when they are used.E.G.: explain select * from dbc.tables;

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
16 Jun 2006

You may know this just an FYIUse Index Wizard for recommendations on existing workload or a new SQL.Vinay

siddumangam.3 1 post Joined 10/12
22 Oct 2012

Hi Friends ,
I was new to this teradata and its related concepts .
clear my doubts for the following things ...
1.Why we use secondary index ? How S.I effects
the performance ?
2.How  many Secondary indexs can be created ?
with respective to the versions ?
3.Is it possible to access the Sub-Table of a
Secondary Index ? and What type of table (ex:set
table or multiset table...etc ) is Sub-table in S.I ?
4.In which memory will the sub-table store (Temp 0r perm)?
5.What is the structure of a SET table ?
plz clarify my quries .....

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