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08 Jun 2008
Searching string in LogonSource ?

Hi allPlease help...,These are some logonsource string examples out of which I need to extract only the 4th last word (For example here YZIF7295, FWPG8206, ADM-MM4 or ADMMDORD).(Maybe with the INDEX or POSITION functions...with the SUBSTRING function)(I want to obtain the string after the third space from the end.)(TCP/IP) 0AAE IPA AAA.BBB.CCC.NET 3956 YZIF7295 QUERYMAN 01 LSS (TCP/IP) 094D IPW AAA.BBB.CCC.NET 3024 FWPG8206 MMC 01 LSS (TCP/IP) 0E9D IPY AAA.BBB.CCC.NET 7076 ADM-MM4 DTSRUN 01 LSS (TCP/IP) 89A7 IPZ AA.BB.CCC.NET 622800 ADMMDORD DB-UNLOAD.IMPL 01 LSS Thanks in advance...Didier

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
08 Jun 2008

Hello,Doing that in SQL may be difficult. Doing that in UDF will be simple and easy, if you have experience in UDFs.You can have a similar sort of UDF as suggested at:,Adeel

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