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dixon 22 posts Joined 01/06
16 Mar 2006
script of teradata tables

Hi may i know on which pdf i can find the table descriptions, there data about the tables used in the pdf. i.e CUSTOMER,OFFERINGS,ENROLLMENT, COURSES...etc. so that i can work on the examples provided in pdfs. do i need to run any script for that to create tables and to insert data into it.

dixon 22 posts Joined 01/06
17 Mar 2006

Hi like demobld.sql file of ORACLE is there any script available in Teradata. demobld.sql file contains all the tables like EMP,DEPT,JOBS,SALGRADE Tables structure and the rows for these tables. so i am expecting the same kind of script or a pdf which contains structure and its inserting rows or the name of teradata pdf which contains these information.


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Mar 2006

Hi dixon,there's a script in C:\Program Files\NCR\Tdat\LTDBMS\etc\perddl.bteq, but the sample db is quite small.It's described in the manuals:Basic Teradata Query Reference APPENDIX B Loading and Using the Sample Personnel DatabaseAnother option is to modify the Oracle script to Teradata-SQL. Then you could compare Teradata/Oracle SQL. I did something similar once with Microsoft's pubs database.Dieter


11 Jun 2014

Where can I find the perddl.bteq in TD 13.10 Express Vmware?

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