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11 Jul 2016
saving a python DataFrame to Table

hi guys // so I am learning python, because that is a tool more and more requested these days at companies of all size (small and large).
So, I am able to Connect into the database fine using PYODBC.  What I am trying to do is this:
I have a Excel file that is saved to a DataFrame in python and I want to insert that information into a Table, we want this to be automated
so that we refresh it (or replace the table with current information)...
I tried to use SQLALchemy, to Create an Engine and save it like that - but I don't think that is supported and little documentation on Teradata,
every major database is supported, but not Teradata, why not, I don't know....
So if I have a dataframe from any source - forget that it is from an Excel file, maybe it could be a .CSV file, how
do I have it to a table in Teradata ?
Please maybe post some code samples, thanks!

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