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08 Oct 2014
Running Operating System Command from a Stored Procedure

Hi there!
There's some way to run SO commands from a Stored Procedure? Something like SO clause of BTEQ.
I wanna run ARCMAIN from within a Stored Procedure which controls the backup process.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
08 Oct 2014

My suggestion:
I think it is better to keep it clean. Run and compile the logic in bteq and bteq in Linux/unix script. In this way, the design is clear, easy to maintain and logical. 
In Linux/unix, we can do all sorts of branching/looping.modularizing... and we can stuff our utilities programs inside. Most orgs have standards to be followed  though that have certain restrictions .We have to toe the line :).
I think you mean to say .os command .

Raja K Thaw
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09 Oct 2014

Tks... I also think it's better. This was my first guess. But I have no access to the operating system (for contractual issues that ar under review).
While this problem is not solved, and it may take some time, I need to seek alternatives solutions.

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