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Rakesh_gandi 4 posts Joined 01/12
15 May 2012
Rollback data using permanent journals/Incremental Backup


I need few clarifications about permanent journals.

1).How to rollback or rollforward data using permanent journals.Can it be done by Arcmain or SQL.if so please provide me the sample scripts/SQL.


2).Please explain me how to implement Incremental Backup in real time with examples







ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
16 May 2012

You need to read the manuals!

Did you try? You should get pleanty of hints and exampels...


Permanent Journal Archive or Recovery

To perform archive and recovery functions associated with permanent journals, run the ARC

utility. For more information, see Chapter 10: “Archiving, Restoring, and Recovering Data.”




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