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k_jalev 4 posts Joined 08/15
15 Mar 2016
REVOKE user rights, inherited from "Public"

I have the following scenario - I have given access to DBC to all users of the system(TD 14.10) - through Public system user. But now I have a set of users, for whom I want not to be able to see DBC info. Is there a way to REVOKE these rights to them wihout doing that for the Public user? In other words - explicit REVOKE to win over inherited rights from Public
The other scenario also has its advantages - to REVOKE these rights from Public and to give them explicitly only to the needed users - but I want to focus on the possibility to do the above
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Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
15 Mar 2016

No. Teradata does not allow a specific REVOKE to override a more general GRANT for SQL access rights. (REVOKE removes the row that GRANT inserts).

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