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i5commuter 10 posts Joined 01/12
14 Feb 2012
Returning to setting variables. snippet from previous discussion does not work on current teradata platform.

Create volatile Table TEMP As



'1060401' (int) startdate,

'1060431' (int) enddate

) ;


When executed get error 'Something expected between ) and ;'.

What is missing?

I want to use a script and it needs variables. The approach might satisfy the requirement, but does not work. Did it ever work?

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
14 Feb 2012



Create volatile Table TEMP As



'1060401' (int) startdate,

'1060431' (int) enddate




Teradata should start a search to find the person who has not fallen foul of this!


ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
14 Feb 2012

you might also check dieters post on global and session parameters

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