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Sram 21 posts Joined 03/16
14 Jun 2016
Retrive data from table

Hi team,
I have table A with four fields Empid,ename,salary,partyid.
i want to fetch data from table a where atleast of one of field Empid or Partyid should be not null value. if both fields are null then ignore that record.
Table A
Empid  Ename Salary partyid
100    RAVI   2500   1100
101    Sravan 2800 
         karthik  6000
         Raman  4000  1103
Output for above table should be
Empid Ename Salary PartyiD
100    RAVI     2500  1100
101  Sravan    2800
       Raman    4000  1103
Thanks in Advance.

yuvaevergreen 93 posts Joined 07/09
14 Jun 2016

Use the condition....where empid is not null or partyid is not null

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