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monisiqbal 119 posts Joined 07/09
25 Jan 2008
ResUsageSldv vs ResUsageSvdsk

This is the extract from Teradata documentation for the two tables:The ResUsageSldv table:Contains resource usage information for system-wide, logical device information. Statistics from this table are collected from the SCSI bus level.The ResUsageSvdsk table:• Provides AMP-level vdisk logical device statistics.• Includes resource usage logs on cylinder allocation, migration, and I/O statistics.If table logging is enabled on ResUsageSvdsk, the data is written once for each AMP Vproc log period.Where can I get the log of disk usage that lies in between SLDV and SVDSK?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
25 Jan 2008

SLDV data can be SCSI or PDISK level information. See the xctl / ctl utility. There's nothing "in between" AMP and PDISK level.

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