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23 May 2012
ResUsage Table Stop Working on TD Demo

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with the virtual machine (vmware) demo of TD Database that was working good until yesterday...
For my purposes I need the ResUsage tables to collect data and while making experiments changing in CTL the Logging Rate from 60 to 600 seconds the tables stop collecting rows.
I restart the virtual machine lots of time but nothing seems to happen, every enabled ResUsage table does not collect data anymore!!!
If I go into CTL on the linux terminal and type the command "screen rss" I see that every table I need is set to ON so the logging is enabled, I can perform any sort of query using SQL Assistant so the database is running, the problem is that the ResUsage information is not collected.
I also tried to disable and re-enable every ResUsage table logging in CTL but also this not-so-clever method was not successful...
Do you have any idea about how can I restart the collection of ResUsage data? How can I restart the database on this virtual machine demo? Any other ideas?

Thank you in advance for your help

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