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08 Aug 2012
Restricted Words and Reserved Vs Non-Reserved words


we are upgraded our database from TD 12.0 to TD 13.10 and I am looking at the list of Restricted Words from the query:

SELECT * FROM TABLE (SQLRestrictedWords_TBF()) as t1        WHERE release_introduced <= '13.10' AND               (release_dropped IS NULL OR release_dropped > '13.10');

The output columns are:

Category can have values R, N, F

ANSI_restricted can have values R, N, T

a) What do the above values means?

If R->Reserved, N->Non-Reserved

does T stand for True and F for False? If yes, what does True/False mean here?

b) What's the significance of Non-Reserved words in Restricted words list?

c) Is there a spreadsheet available for all Restricted words by TD version (including release_introduced, release_dropped, category and ANSI_restricted) upto TD14 and future Restricted words?

We are not on TD14.0 yet and therefore cannot query for this database using SQLRestrictedWords_TBF()

I can look at the SQL Fundamentals pdf for Restricted words, but it's tedious to filter them

If a spreadsheet is available for all TD versions, it will make it easy to filter as needed



-srinivas yelamanchili

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