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mfgfd 3 posts Joined 11/08
20 Sep 2012
restoring tables from older TD releases deliver strange messages

because of business reasons I had to restore some old data. The restore ran fine, but delivered some strange messages, as
"Warning ARC1257:A cross-release data restore requires that a Teradata SQL conversion script be run.  The
following steps must be performed:                

1) Log in as user DBC, and execute the following SQL
CREATE MACRO DBC.DIPMarkNS120 AS (;);               

2) Execute one of the following conversion scripts:

Does anyone know the meaning of this ? I could select from the restored table without doing anything else and I could insert the rows from the restored table into the target table without problems.
Why should I create an empty macro?
Where can I find this "post_data_restore" script?
Thank you

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
20 Sep 2012

This thread might explain the what and why.
I found the script in 



so it might be already on the server.

But might be best to discuss it with your support team.



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