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ericm 3 posts Joined 05/16
06 Jul 2016
Restoring a Table

I am attempting to restore a single table to our server.  The table already exists, but I have truncated the data in the table.
First I start ARCMAIN:

arcmain FILEDEF=(ARCHIVE, tdbackup)

I use the following commands to attempt the restore:


And then I get a message that I believe means ARC is attempting to perform the restore, but ARC seems to hang at that point.

07/06/2016 13:36:35 RESTORE DATA TABLES (Landing_DB.B01_LNP00101), RELEASE LOCK, FILE=ARCHIVE

After waiting 30 minutes, there is no progress logged, and eventually I press CTRL+C to stop the script.  I have checked that the user has the access right RESTORE, I have also checked several times for locks, but there are not any locks.  I have also checked if locks are placed once I have executed the RESTORE command, but still no locks.  This is a very small table (only two rows and about 15 columns).  I cannot believe it would take too long to restore.
It seems to restore one table is fairly straight forward, but I am missing something.  Would anyone have guidance on where to look for the issue?

ericm 3 posts Joined 05/16
06 Jul 2016

I figured it out.  Simple syntax error.  I was missing a ; at the end of the line.

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