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RonaldBrayan 7 posts Joined 11/15
08 Jul 2016
Restore using DSA with NO BUILD option.

I have a large restore around 5 TB, I'm using DSA to Backup and restore. I want to restore with NO BUILD option and BUILD the tables separately using ARCMAIN(Build Data Table (xx.yy) ...) . I do not find no build option in DSA. Can anybody help? 
I could do the same thing in TARA by unchecking BUILD option and build separately.
Any help will be highly appreciated.

abhishek.jadhav 28 posts Joined 02/08
11 Jul 2016

Tables which are being restored using DSA cannot be built by BUILD command using ARCMAIN.
DSA restore job will automatically perform the build as one of the job phases.

Abhishek Jadhav

RonaldBrayan 7 posts Joined 11/15
12 Jul 2016

Thanks Abhishek for your reply. My question was, is it possible to  BUILD the table separately after restore completed with NO BUILD just like ARCMAIN.
Anyway I got the answer from TD university course 51409.

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