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yiannish 13 posts Joined 06/14
13 Jan 2016
Restore a backup taken with Teradata ABU on another server

I have a backup which was taken using ABU 14.10 that is consisted of 4 data files(4-node configuration) - size is about 1.5 TB. I want to restore this backup on another server which also has ABU 14.10 installed but it is a 2 Node configuration. Is there a way to restore(using the COPY arcmain command) on the 2 Node machine?
I now for sure that this is not possible from the ABU GUI but is there a way to do it by writing an arcmain script.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
13 Jan 2016

COPY using each of the four data files, one at a time, specifying NO BUILD for the first three.

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