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Haritha.depa 1 post Joined 10/11
11 Oct 2011
Resource Partition Weight for Default partition in Priority Scheduler in TASM.

Are they any guide lines on how much percentage of the system resources should be given to Default Resource partition in priority scheduler in TASM. Earlier releases we used to give more weightage than any other RP so that system work can get faster, is this still holds good?


Woody 16 posts Joined 10/09
11 Oct 2011

It is still best to have a fair amount of weight in the Default RP -- Generally, it should be given a weight equal to or slightly higher than the highest weighted non-tactical RP on the system.

And, I wouldn't recommend putting anything in RP0, but rather leave it for whatever the system needs.


geethareddy 37 posts Joined 10/11
06 Jan 2014


I am just asking this to know what is the worst case scenario it leads to if i keep one or couple of workload definitions in to RP0?

I heard many times that RP0 is strictly intended for internal activities. But what is the downside if we take a share from it?

Please help me understand this.


Geeta 1 post Joined 03/11
07 Jan 2014

When there is production support workload, used for the purpose of troubleshooting data issues and needs a gaurented decent response, why not have it in RP0 under Low AG locked down to 1.8% CPU (out of the total 25% allocated to RP0 with absolutely no workloads other than production support under 'L'.
Sounds like an overkill to create a separate RP for just this workload, which is as important as system or at least comes right next to it.

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