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kartik.sitapara 7 posts Joined 12/10
21 May 2012
Remove FALLBACK option and Data from FALLBACK AMP


I want to remove the FALLBACK  option  from the database TEST_DB to NO FALLBACK. I have three questions. 

1. How to get the list of Tables which has FALLBACK  

2. How to remove the fallback option from that table.

3. How to remove the already duplicated data from FALLBACK AMP. 


Please help me on this. 



Kartik Sitapara

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
21 May 2012

1. check dbc.tables -> ProtectionType

2. via Alter tables statement 

3. you don't have to care about this. DB will release the space automatically

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kartik.sitapara 7 posts Joined 12/10
21 May 2012

Thanks for your Help. 

I have tried to find the tables with ProtectionType ='F' 

but it returns me with "TableKind" as T, V, M , O as well.  How can i change the FALLBACK option for VIEWS & MACROS ?


teraforsk 11 posts Joined 05/12
09 Aug 2013

Views/macros donot require perm space and their defination is just store in DD. I dont thing it really makes sense to have fallback/No Fallback for Views and Macros.

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