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davidtzoor 5 posts Joined 06/14
06 May 2015
Remove commas and dots from Unicode string

I'm trying to remove commas and dots from unicode strings using OREPLACE or OTRANSLATE. 
When a unicode character is present, I get the following error: 

6706:  The string contains an untranslatable character. 


Is this possible in Teradata?





ssampa 1 post Joined 05/15
28 May 2015

We are migrating oracle to td 15 using ssis.  
Oracle Source --> Data Convertor --> Teradata Destination.
one of the coulm in oracle say column_txt varchar2(1000) and in teradata it is varchar(1000) latin.. when using dataconvertor td datatype is shown as string length of 1000 for column_txt.  so we change the source as string legth of 1000.  Executed the SSIS package and finely migrated million of records and hardly for few record this column get junk values and job failed.
Tried with changing the latin to unicode. Hard luck.
Can canyone help on this.

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