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06 Nov 2014
Regular Expression to check the time format

Recently we had a bad data coming from the source and storing as character field.Later they are converting to time format.
Meanwhile,I need to verify the format coming from the source.
eg:00:00:00--pass  , 25:78:78---should fail, any special characters should fail, and ':' should be strictly in 3rd and 6th position.
hope you understand,anything out of time format,should return false
Any help, appreciated.

KVB 124 posts Joined 09/12
06 Nov 2014

I have done the below one.
SELECT REGEXP_SIMILAR('00:00:00','[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}','c')
But not sure that the time contains like 78:78:78,it also would pass.
Any help appreciated.

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06 Nov 2014





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