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Koushik Chandra 10 posts Joined 08/12
13 Jul 2016
Regarding Teradata Migration

We are planning to do a Teradata migration, the versions for source and target Tearadata is close (source Teradata version, though not sure about Target version yet). The migration is happening because of company intake by other company.

My question is what are points in general, we have to consider (always keep in mind), for the migration to be successful.

RonaldBrayan 7 posts Joined 11/15
14 Jul 2016

From your post I understand that, you are migrating from 15.00 to 15.10(the versions for source and target Tearadata is close), then it would be a minor upgrade.  It may be a patch upgrade. However, before any upgrade see to that
- Full backup of Databases, DBC and Dictionary Backup
- Extract of Procedures, Views, Macros, triggers if any incase you need to recompile again.
- DBS/CTL  control settings
- Backup of current WLM/settings
These are all for any contingency, but may not required for minor upgrade.

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