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himanshugaurav 1 post Joined 02/15
23 Feb 2016
Recursive Query to List down the Lineage for a Particular Table with Immediate Parents

Hi All 
I have require to list down the lineage for a particular table as below:

Source --> Target1

Target1 --> Target2

Target1 --> Target 3

Target2 --> Target 4



Here the target become the source and so on. I used a recursive query but it is not giving me immediate parent but the source parent and data looks as below :


Source --> Target1

Source --> Target2

Source --> Target 3

Source --> Target 4



As we all know that there can be multiple views on  a table , and then each of these views can be exposed in deifferent application via some new views on top of them .

I am trying to list it .


If anyone has already implemented this , Please share your inputs.





dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
24 Feb 2016

Hi Himanshu,
you probably use the wrong column in your recursive part, old.source instead of new.source.


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