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TD2000 3 posts Joined 08/15
26 Aug 2015
Reconciling AMPUsage and ResUsage

We are trying to build a view that lists CPU consumption by user as a % of the overall system capacity. Since AmpUsage has user level logging and Resusage is preferred for system busy%, I need to reconcile between these 2 sets of data. I read TD documentation that stated AmpUsage logging should match 70-90% of what's in ResUsage. However, when I sum up  SUM_CPUNORM for a day from AmpUsage it is only about 30% of CPUUexec + CPUUServ in ResUsage for that day. Does anyone know why?
To overcome this, I'm currently calculating a user's CPU consumption as a % of box capacity using the below formula
(sum(sum_cpunorm) for that user / sum(sum_cpunorm)) * System busy%  
sum(sum_cpunorm) comes from Acctg_Hst &
System busy% comes from ResusageScpu_Hst
 (computed/grouped at either an hour or day level as required)
We are on TD 14.0. Please let me know if you see issues with the way this calculation is. Greatly appreciate any insight into this.
Thanks in advance,

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
26 Aug 2015

Are you using Account String Expansion (ASE) for all work, to provide adequate resolution for meaningful AMPUsage data comparisons?

TD2000 3 posts Joined 08/15
26 Aug 2015

Yes, I believe we do. How does that help in this scenario?

TD2000 3 posts Joined 08/15
31 Aug 2015

Any suggestions/thoughts?

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