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jguydos 1 post Joined 08/14
25 Aug 2014
Receiving "Change Password Command failed with ODBC. Error:DBException in ExecuteSQL: Character String truncated

Hi. I am receiving the above error when trying to perform a password change via a third party password reset tool. We are using Windows Server 2012 R2 and the password software requires the 32 bit version of the ODBC driver. We are using 15. We have confirmed that the ODBC connection is working. We have a VB script that will go out and bring in a list of all the users in from the Teradata servers. This is not anything new that we are doing. We have been using this password reset tool or quite a while with Teradata and there has never been an issue. It's just now that we are upgrading the OS and the password software version that we are running into this issue. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance :)

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