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idg_tddevex 18 posts Joined 10/06
10 May 2010
Quick Q for Dieter Noeth or People who follow DN's Stats query..!!!


I have been following the SQL you have developed in my day to day practices. I did come to know that the system we are using here is 64-bit but could not find out how do we know that. Is there any SQL to check or confirm this while I can use this query for my other projects also but will require to find out by myself:

How do we check the system whether its 32-bit or 64-bit to apply the SQL generated for Stats. And is it the ODBC driver that we need to check or any tool/utility??

Many Thanks,

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
10 May 2010

I don't know how to check for 32/64-bit and i would appreciate any way to calculate that using some simple SQL :-)

If you can submit any HELPP PROCEDURE xxx ATTRIBUTES there's a column PLATFORM:
UNIX MP-RAS: 32-bit
Windows: 32-bit (demo version)
Windows: 64-bit (production system)
Linux: 64-bit

Or just ask your friendly dba or try which version is not failing.

Btw, starting with TD12.00.03.06 there's a new stats version "4" which causes my query to fail (due to some stupid old code snippet).
I'm already testing a new version, but i probably don't have internet access for the rest of the week, so i can't post it before weekend.

For a quick fix:
POSITION(SUBSTR(STATS, 9, 1) IN '010203'xb) AS StatsVersion,
POSITION(SUBSTR(STATS, 9, 1) IN '01020304'xb) AS StatsVersion,

search "StatsVersion = 3" and replace it with "StatsVersion >= 3".



idg_tddevex 18 posts Joined 10/06
11 May 2010

Hello Dieter,

Thanks a lot for the help. I checked using above method and found that we have Linux - 64 bit system. Also the version we are currently on are so I suppose we are fine with your current queries. Also I found the below SQL which gave me the 32/64 bit information not sure whether it is correct way to check or not:

Select Platform,count(*) from dbc.tvm group by 1 ;

Also reg your stats query are those sub version specific queries like if we upgrade from to 12.0.3.xx then do we need to use that particular version and so on.

Thank You

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