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Sashg 2 posts Joined 06/11
14 Jun 2011
PT API versus Fastload

From a high level, what be the major differences between PT API & Fastload?
Does PT API internally use Fastload OR is it a completely new System?

mnylin 118 posts Joined 12/09
14 Jun 2011

My understanding is that TPT still uses the underlying protocols for FastLoad, MultiLoad, TPT, etc. It does not simply CALL fastload, but it does have the same limitations as FastLoad. You also don't need FastLoad installed to use TPT. The TPT API allows other ETL tools to take advantage of the TPT framework and language in their bulk load jobs.

emilwu 72 posts Joined 12/07
14 Jun 2011

check out the link here with very detailed discussion and my comments

Sashg 2 posts Joined 06/11
15 Jun 2011

Thanks mnylin.

EMILWU -The link you have provided does not open. Can you paste the relevant content here.


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