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Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
05 Aug 2014
Profiles and Workloads

We are using TASM and Teradata 14.10 DB version.User is assigned to profile and profile is mapped to workload.

A single profile can be mapped to more than one workload.Based on query creteria, it will get qualified to run in a 

particular workload.User is reporting premature TASM abort issues for which his queries are getting failed.We need to investigate.


We are having 100 plus profiles defined in the Production box and more than 10 

workloads defined in TASM.It becomes really cumbersome to check manually in Workload designer to see if the same profile is mapped to multiple workloads.

Is there any TDWM/DBC/Dictionary table which contains the profile info and the corresponding WDName,WDIDs mapping information,

to see if the same is mapped to multiple workloads.Any alternate/easier way to get the above info?


Your help will be highly appreciated!!

cmedved 24 posts Joined 02/14
08 Aug 2014

At our site, there is a user in the database called TDWM that contains the configuration. It is not very straight-forward though.

SELECT * FROM tdwm.RuleQualifyCriteria rc
INNER JOIN tdwm.RuleDefs rd
	ON rc.ConfigId = rd.ConfigId
	AND rc.RuleId = rd.RuleId
INNER JOIN tdwm.WlcClassifyOrder wlc
	ON wlc.ConfigId = rd.ConfigId
	AND wlc.WlcId = rd.RuleId
WHERE rd.ConfigId = ?
ORDER BY ClassifyOrder

That query will probably get you most of what you want. It will not display exceptions and such since it inner joins with the wlc order. You will need to modify it if you want different data. Replace the ? with your config ID. You can get your current config ID with the following query:



Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
10 Aug 2014

We also has TDWM user enabled,the table tdwm.WlcClassifyOrder is showing as not existant in TD 14.10.
 *** Failure 3807 Object 'tdwm.WlcClassifyOrder' does not exist.
                Statement# 1, Info =0 
Could you please suggest any alternate solution?

cmedved 24 posts Joined 02/14
11 Aug 2014

Sorry, I am not aware of any other solution. We are using TD 13.10. They may have changed the data model... no idea.
The main reason to join to the classify order table was to make it easier to determine which rules get evaluated first. Presumably, that value is somewhere else now.
If RuleDefs and RuleQualifyCriteria exist, you can get the PROFILE->WDID mapping without the classification order.

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