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Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
18 Sep 2014
Profiles and Account Strings

A profile may be associated with multiple account strings.
What is the query to know the various account strings associated with a particular profile?
Thanks in Advance!!

Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
18 Sep 2014

SEL p.profilename,a.accountname FROM dbc.profiles p,dbc.accounts a WHERE p.profileid = a.userid;

Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
20 Sep 2014

Thanks Rglass!
If I want to modify the account string of a profile (need to remove '&S' from account string because of excessive logging which is impacting system performance),which all DBC tables needs to be updated/modified?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
21 Sep 2014

No DBC table needs to be updated (in fact you can't update those tables directly).
You simply run a 

MODIFY PROFILE myProfile AS ACCOUNT = ('aaa','bbb','bbb');

Of course you should have some documentation where the current settings for myProfile are noted.
Otherwise to get the current account strings (similar to Rglass query):

SELECT AccountName
FROM dbc.AccountInfoV
WHERE UserOrProfile = 'Profile'
AND UserName = 'myProfile'



Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
29 Sep 2014

Thanks Dieter!
How do we change the AccountName in dbc.dbase if the account is modified using the 'MODIFY PROFILE' command.I checked the explain for Modify Profile command , but DBC.Dbase is not updated.

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