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JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
24 Feb 2015
Procedure dynamic result set column names

When I call the procedure below in SQL Assistant, the data is returned ok, but without column headers...  Is there any way to include the column headers (e.g., in this case, 'DatabaseName','TableName',etc)?
replace PROCEDURE abc()
dynamic result sets 1
     DECLARE SqlStr VARCHAR(100);
     DECLARE cursor_1 CURSOR WITH RETURN only FOR statement_1;
     set SqlStr='select top 10  * from dbc.Tables';
     prepare statement_1  from SqlStr ;
     open cursor_1;

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
24 Feb 2015

It's working fine for me, what's your SQLA release?


JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
25 Feb 2015

I've just tried it in an old SQLA, and it is returning column names as expected...  Even having reinstalled 15.00 the issue persists - is there a setting somewhere for this functionality, do you know?

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