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shubh 16 posts Joined 09/07
01 Oct 2007
Problem using the . (dot) commands with the fastload

i am need help in writing the fastload scripti am having problem using the commands: .SET, .IF.I need to use these commands before the dropping the error tables at the start of Fastload script.I am calling my Fastload script using the JCL on the mainframe platform.The commands that I use are below:.SET ERRORLEVEL 3807 SEVERITY 0;.IF ERRORCODE <> 0 THEN .EXIT ERRORCODE It gives me the error: Invalid Fastload statementPlease let me know how resolve this issue, as I am getting an error code 8 if i dont use these command with the message: error tables do not exist, when i drop the fastload error tables.

Regards, Shubhangi
Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
02 Oct 2007

Those are BTEQ commands. FastLoad provides no conditional execution. You could run a BTEQ step followed by a FastLoad step.

shubh 16 posts Joined 09/07
04 Oct 2007

Thanks for the replyCan I use the .SET, .IF.... commands in MLOAD?I am new to teradata utilities.


drenugopal 8 posts Joined 10/07
16 Oct 2007

Yes, you can use both .SET and .IF commands with MLOAD Utility.Example-1:------------.SET Var1 TO 10;The above statement will assign value 10 to the variable called Var1.the same way .IF command,Example-2:------------.IF &SYSUVCNT > 0 THEN;The above statement will check whether UV Count is > 0, if so the MLOAD will return error.

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