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andrewah 11 posts Joined 06/11
28 Aug 2011
Preferred approach to application installation

Hi all,


I have an application, for which I must create an installation script. This installation script must:


1. Drop all database objects which are part of my application (if they exist)

2. Create all database objects which are part of my installation.


I have a .sql file per database object - e.g. 1 file per table, 1 file per view.


Could anyone tell me what the best tool for creating my installation script would be?


Many thanks,



mnylin 118 posts Joined 12/09
29 Aug 2011

I'd suggest looking at using ant to execute these. There's a nice article on here somewhere that suggests how you would use ant to automate database tasks. It would allow you to define multiple steps and establish dependencies between the steps. It provides for variable replacement so you can parameterize parts of the scripts if needed.

js185064 9 posts Joined 03/09
29 Aug 2011

The following is a link to an Article on the SQL Ant Wizard:


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