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13 Jul 2015
PPI table and concurrent load to same table

For a PPI table (with a NUPI), is it possible to load data concurrently to the same table via multiple sessions by the same user ? In other words, in a PPI table does TD lock only a particular partition for loading or the entire table is locked ?
For e.g. we have the following table :
Create table test_concur
Stud_Id varchar(10),
Stud_Name varchar(100),
Course_Id varchar(10)
)Primary Index (Stud_Id)
Now consider the following records being loaded by each session -
Session 1:
1001, John Davis, 9001
1004, Mike Connor, 9001
Session 2:
1002, Peter Martin, 9002
1005, Kevin Pike, 9003
Assume that all the above records hash to the same AMP. Will TD allow loading these 4 records concurrently (since partition is different) or will it block one session until the earlier session concludes loading to the table ?
Please share your thoughts...

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