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TDUser2000 17 posts Joined 07/12
24 Nov 2012
PPI Columns

I need to extract the tablenames and its corresponding column names(on which PPI has defined) where PPI is used in the table definition. Any inputs on this please.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
24 Nov 2012

When you're on TD14 it's easy:
SEL * FROM dbc.ColumnsV
WHERE PartitioningColumn = 'Y'
Otherwise you might use my StatsInfo view which provides this type of info:
FROM StatsInfo
WHERE PartitionColumn = 'Y' AND StatsType <> 'Part' AND ColumnCount = 1
You'll find it at
I posted a new version today (when i tried this query i found a bug), please don't use any older version, otherwise there might be some partitioning columns missing


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