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sethiyagu 19 posts Joined 11/04
10 Dec 2004
please help me....

Iam a student, doing my Master Degree, I want to advance my career through this Teradata Database.I have collected and downloaded all the materials(including NCR hardware and software ebooks in the PDF format).Here iam specifying websites from which i have got the Teradata materials in the PDF format that is being provided by the NCR Corporation, eTeradata-BrowseBy.cfm?page=Teradata%20Databasehttp:// pl=&PID=&title=% 25&release=&kword=V2R5.0.0&sbrn=7&nm=Teradata+Database +-+V2R5.0.0But my doubt is which teradata book material i must go through to get succeed in the Teradata Certified Professional exam. whether i shall go through the PDF doc's from the NCR website or Books from [Introduction to Teradata Basics by Tom Coffing, Morgan Jones].Stration.

UpaMishra 35 posts Joined 01/08
11 Mar 2008

Some useful links in the blog.

vinay 19 posts Joined 02/08
12 Mar 2008

Hi ; I shall advice u to go for NCR reading material if u have patience and time to read lot of onformation,on the contrary if u want to learn quickly and start working i would recomend u to go for coffing material,which should be good enough for u to get a job.

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