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jf18338 1 post Joined 09/09
30 Sep 2009
Peak Spool exceeded for "USERID"

We just implemented Teradata 2550, and now we are getting these massages from DBCMGR even though the user does not have an active session. Alert for LogSpool - Peak Spool exceeded for "UserID"Does anyone know how to clear up ghost spool??Thanks,Jennifer

lokmac 8 posts Joined 08/09
10 Jul 2011


I'd like to know what this message means as well. I can't seem to find the setting in Viewpoint that generates this alert. We also had no query running for the user at this time. There was a gap of a number of hours either side of the alert time when no query was logged for this user.

Does anyone know?

lokmac 8 posts Joined 08/09
11 Jul 2011

FYI - I've requested info from Teradata via @ Your Service so hopefully I'll have an answer for this soon.

lokmac 8 posts Joined 08/09
11 Jul 2011

Oh - and I believe this error (generated by Viewpoint) to be reporting that a user ran out of spool since the last alerting time (in my case in the past 24 hours). I don't think it's alerting of a problem at the specific point in time. It might be nice if it also provided a time so you could look up the query!

You could search the DBQLogTbl for error code 2646 (No more spool space in %DBID).

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