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28 Jun 2011
Patching and Versioning


As part of my job, I have to understand the patching model of all databases our clients are using, in order to assure maximum security level. I have a couple of questions regarding the database, and I couldn't find the answers I was looking for online. Hope you can help me here,

1. Is there somewhere online we can see a list of all patches released for the DB? We are mostly interested in Security updates.

2. Is there some fixed date for patches? Like, for example, a new patch is releases every 2 month?

3. What is the patching model in general? Are patches and fixes being releases on demand? Are they accumulative?

4. Do you divide the patches into security patches, bug fixes etc. ?

5. What is the best way to stay notified about fixes and patches? Do you have an Email notification service? some kind of bulletin online service (like Microsoft do)?

6. What does the version number suggest? how are the Octats divided?

That is indeed a lot of questions :) I'd really appreciate any info I can get about them.



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01 Mar 2015

Hi Team,

Can you pls let me know if you have any impact due to the patch Installation…any impact to the current work or next releases



1. Teradata minor patch (TD13.10.7.x -->TD.

    OS Patch - Ghost - Vulnerability


2. Teradata minor patch (TD13.10.7.x -->TD.

    OS Patch - Ghost - Vulnerability


3. Teradata minor patch (TD13.10.7.x -->TD.

OS Patch - Ghost - Vulnerability

Replace failed DIMMs on Node

Reset currently active HSN nodes back into Standby


Can you please help us, Thank you in advance.




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