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gfxprotege 8 posts Joined 10/15
14 Oct 2015
Partial string matching requires character operands

Hi all,
I've got an interesting issue going on with Teradata. Suppose I have a table tbl with columns col1, col2, col3 with col1 being the primary key.
I can run 

Select * from tbl where col2 like '%abc%'

However, if I attempt to run the following:

Select * from tbl where col1 is like '123%'

I receive the error: "SELECT Failed. 3544: Partial string matching requires character operands."
After much googling and snooping, I can't seem to find a root cause or resolution. Is this a Teradata "feature" which denies one the ability to use string matching against a primary key?
Thank you

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
15 Oct 2015

#1: There's no "is like"
#2: Just read the error message: "requires character operands" means "col1" is not a CHAR or VARCHAR, but probably a numeric column.


Roopa singu 3 posts Joined 03/16
15 Mar 2016

i have a question similar to above. im testin a col
source col : x data type : decimal (38,0)
target col : y data type: varchar(1000)
transfomation rule: filter non printable characters(/n,/r,/t). remove leading and trailing filler.
iff length exceeds 1000, right trim to 1000.
can u pls help me writing query

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
16 Mar 2016

There's abolutely no need to test if a DECIMAL contains anything else but a valid value, and which decimal has more than 1000 digits?


Roopa singu 3 posts Joined 03/16
20 Mar 2016

Thanks Dneoth.
sorry  above i mentioned data type of x as decimal(38,0).but it is varchar(1000) too.
i tried writing the query to filter non printable characters but it is not working i mean it is not filtering.
rule:  filter non printable characters(/n,/r,/t).remove leading and trailing filler.

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