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k_jalev 4 posts Joined 08/15
05 Aug 2015
Parsing CompressValueList column from DBC.Columns

I need to take all values on which compression is defined for a particular column. I do it by parsing the value of CompressValueList column from DBC.Columns, but I noticed, that in some special cases(happily, it is not a real case for me till now) the value of the column is written in a way, which confuses the parsing. For example:
COMPRESS ('A'','',M','B','CD')
Should compress these 3 values:
But what appears in the column is:
Which is totally the same as if I specify:
COMPRESS ('A',',M','B','CD')
Which totally confuses my parsing logic
I suppose that when the DB is composing this string - the single quotes are not escaped
I searched for a workaround, but with no success, is there any solution or explanation on that?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
05 Aug 2015

SHOW TABLE returns correct data, so at least it's compressing the correct values :)
I don't think there's a workaround, so you might open an incident to get this fixed...


k_jalev 4 posts Joined 08/15
05 Aug 2015

Thank you, glad to hear this from someone else:)
And yes, the table definition is OK

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