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17 Sep 2010
Parse Views to Tree Structure

I'm searching for a tool or utility that will take views and create a tree structure. My task is develop a comprehensive mapping of my company's inbound and outbound processes. Since a majority of our outbounds are sourced from views an automatic method of generating a tree-like strucutre in text or xml would be a huge help.

I found a post ( find-out-the-table-name-and-the-columns-of-that-table- associated-with-a-view) that mentions Teradata Utility Pack's Meta Data Services but doesn't explain which function to use or point to any documentation.

djpinter 3 posts Joined 09/10
07 Oct 2010


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
07 Oct 2010

I don't know much about the MDS, but there's documentation available:

It probably provides all you need, but it's not a client to be installed on your PC, it's a complex environment.



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24 Jan 2011

Actually most of MDS is a client component that can be easly installed & used from a PC or laptop. One of the features of MDS is that it can provide analysis of Views which includes information on nested views (views that reference views).
The MDS web application called MetaSurf provides this type of nested view information as well as providing base table information for views.

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