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ppad001 18 posts Joined 06/11
04 Jun 2014
Order Of columns in PI for multilevel Partitioned Table

Hi All,
I am aware that order of columns in defined PI doesn't matter.
But if we have multilevel Partition defined on the table and we are including the partitioning columns as a part of PI, does it matter in anyway how the PPI columns be included in the PI of the table.
I hope I made myself clear.

ravimans 54 posts Joined 02/14
06 Jun 2014

I don't think it will be an issue based on the order, as you are defining the PI which in turn you are going to use the same PI column for PPI. If you are not clear, could you please give me an example so that i can reply to you. Thanks! 

ppad001 18 posts Joined 06/11
12 Jun 2014

Sorry for a late reply. I do think the same ways. Thanks for conforming :)

JimmyLee 13 posts Joined 06/10
13 Jun 2014

It does impact maintenance of the partitions.  You can only add partitions to the first level (at least up to v13.10, I'm not sure for later versions).
So if you plan to have one level be date based, you probably want that level first.
Note that you can add aprtitions to any level as long as you don't change the number of partitions in that level.  So if you add and drop a partition at the same time, that works in all levels.  You can also reserve parititions in lower levels for future expansion at those levels.

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