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Shefali 3 posts Joined 02/06
27 Mar 2006
number of CPUs per node

I know that my teradata database has got 2 nodes and 12 Amps. How can I find out the number of CPUs in each node?

Renato Dba 5 posts Joined 02/06
27 Mar 2006

Hi,exist many way's for verify this.1 - Verify systems tables or open PMON and verify on the first screen (right superior side) "PentPro" ...Click in the box and verify nodes by CPU....

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
27 Mar 2006

Try this sel distinct NodeId, NCPUs from DBC.ResGeneralInfoView;Vinay

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
27 Mar 2006

I think that method would work only if RSS logging is turned on. I suppose the most general method would be to look up the hardware specs for your server nodes. If those are not available for some reason, the operating system may have a tool for reporting such information. If the OS is Microsoft Windows, you can use System Information (under System Tools in the Accessories menu). With UNIX (either Linux or MP-RAS), the only method I know is to reboot the system and observe the hardware detection messages on the system console (or in the /etc/.osm file).In general, the Teradata software is entirely unaware of hardware details such as the number of CPUs. Also, bear in mind that the number of CPUs is becoming an ambiguous concept with the advent of micro-threading and multi-core processors. In most cases, the OS will report the number of "apparent" CPUs (counting each micro-thread on each core) rather than the actual number of physical CPUs.

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
28 Mar 2006

Jim,Thanks for highlighting. I forgot to include the RSS logging information in my earlier post.But I think you gave more information.Thanks,Vinay

Tlovega 1 post Joined 06/06
09 Jun 2006

at the command prompt type, pinfo -v. this willshow how many CPU's & speed.

sribmsce 4 posts Joined 03/12
13 Apr 2015

Its old thread, but still had simliar query on the same. Please help.
Resusage table says 48 CPU's per node.
As per the Teradata specs given to us it is 12 core 2 CPU's per node, so ideally it should be 24 CPU's per node which is not matching with counts in ResUsage.  Any info on how resusage tables calculates no of CPU's?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
16 Apr 2015

With HyperThreading enabled (two instruction pipelines per core), the number of "virtual CPUs" reported by the OS is twice the number of physical cores.

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