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gander_ss 74 posts Joined 02/07
09 Apr 2007
not able to release mload lock

Hi All,As i fired a select query on my database table.Then I got this message with error code "2574""operation not allowed.table is being mloaded."after dropinging all intermediate tables as such et,uv,wt etc.I tried to release the mload lock again.Then I got the following error message with error code "2572""Mload can't be released."any resolution of this ?Regards,Gander

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
09 Apr 2007

You should always attempt the RELEASE MLOAD before you drop anything. That way if you get 2572 you can decide if you want to restart the MLOAD and allow it to complete or if you really want to abort it and leave the table partially updated. You no longer have the choice of restarting the MLOAD and allowing it to complete.You can use SELECT with an ACCESS lock to copy the contents to a new table. Or if the table is very large and you need to re-enable full access to the partially updated table without copying it, you will have to RELEASE MLOAD IN APPLY, then DROP all secondary indexes, if fallback-protected then ALTER TABLE NO FALLBACK (then ALTER FALLBACK again if desired), and recreate all secondary indexes.

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