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drmkd17 54 posts Joined 10/12
28 Dec 2013
Nested joins in Teradata

Can anybody please explain how nested joins work in Teradata???
What I know about the other joining strategies is that
Merge Join : PI-PI join is on the same AMP. Hence no redistribution
                     PI -Non PI join: Non PI column redistributed temporarily in spool.
                     Non PI - NON PI join: Both are redistributed temporarily in spool.
                     Small Table- Large Table : Samll table duplicated in spool and copied on all AMPS
HAsh join: Same aas merge join case 4. but small table copied in the AMP memory.
PLease validate and let me know for the HAsh join 

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
29 Dec 2013

You posted in another one the same. I replied there. It seems the site, registers twice. It happens sometimes for me too.

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