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RK185088 2 posts Joined 01/06
24 Feb 2006
Negative spool while monitoring Session

Hi All, I regularly monitor session information from Teradata Manager, I always see some sessions showing negative spool ...There are good amount of spool space available to the user, who is using the session. After having so much of available spool space, why the session is showing negative spool, Can anyone explain or give the solution ..... Thanks & Regards,Manohar Rao

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Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
24 Feb 2006

Are you using a very old version? Negative spool space problems were supposedly fixed a long time ago (V2R3.1).

dcasady 5 posts Joined 04/06
27 Apr 2006

Jim,I am seeing negative spoolspace numbers as well. I am using Teradata Manager 7.0 with V2R5.1.2.

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