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Jayant2306 1 post Joined 09/14
22 Aug 2016
Need information about

Hi All,
I am trying to tune a query.
Basically I joinning two table A,B on columns Col1. both having different Indexes
Example: select * from Table1 A
inner join Table2 B
on A.Col1 = B.Col1
and A.Col2 = B.Col2
In table A Col1 is defined in Join Index and in Table B Col1 is defined as SI.
and Col2 is not defined as any Index types..
I just wanted to know how i can tune this query and created SI on Column2 for both but still facing performance issue.
Please help me guys
Thanks a lot in advance  :) ;)

Thanks Vj
Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
22 Aug 2016

Need more detail. For example:
How unique / non-unique are Col1 alone, Col2 alone, combined (Col1,Col2)?
How big is table1 vs table2?

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