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Santanu84 122 posts Joined 04/13
18 Apr 2013
Need Help on two questions about TD architecture

Hi Friends
I am new to this forum. I hope this is the right place to post below questions. I am preparing for TD Basic certification. While doing so I stumbled on two questions. Here are they.
1. Which component is part of Teradata's open architecture?
My understanding is "Node", it is part of TD's open architecture. But while searching over net I found many different answers, some saying "CPU" and others suggesting the "Operating System". I am confused which is the correct one.
2. What makes the rebuilding of indexes unnecessary with the Teradata database?
My understanding is "AMPs". Because even if the values of PI columns change, the data distribution will occur automatically accross all AMPs.
But again while searching over net I found a different answer which says "Teradata File System". Not sure which one is correct?
Can any one please help me on these questions?

KS42982 137 posts Joined 12/12
18 Apr 2013

For question 1, node is the correct answer. For question 2, I think AMP is the correct answer, but not 100% sure. Good luck !

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
20 Apr 2013

Hi Santanu,
there are a lot of wrong answers to those questions found on the internet, e.g. one of the first hits on Google is usually a PDF from testpassport for TE0-121, more than 75% of the proposed answers are plain wrong and totally stupid. You might use the questions, but should try to find an answer on your own.
I'm not shure for Q1, "node" (plain Intel-based server hardware) might be correct, "operating system" (Linux), too. But definitely not AMP, PE and BYNET.
For Q2 it's "Teradata file system", because
- there's no space fragmentation
- a record is always stored in contiguos bytes on the same datablock (never split)


Santanu84 122 posts Joined 04/13
24 Apr 2013

Thanks for your help

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