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prasanth225 11 posts Joined 11/14
24 Nov 2014
Need help on creating table. Error 3933

Hi All,
I am trying to create a table with app. 400 columns, out of which most of them are 'Varchar'. But I am getting an error as-3933 'Max row length exceeded'. I kept the minimum column width for all the columns. I cannot reduce the column widths further as it will impact while loading the data. 
Any solution for this issue?
I also use the data in this table for downstream loading and comparisions. Please let me know for any solutions.
Thanks in Advance !

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
26 Nov 2014

Hi Prasanth,
the maximum size of a row in Teradata is limited to a bit less than 64k bytes, for a VarChar the defined maximum length (*2 if it's Unicode) will be used for the row length calculation.
If you can't reduce the size you're out of luck.
400 columns, mostly VarChars, sound like a strange data model, where's this data coming from?


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